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The Artist

      Chris Zantioti is a creative artist/musician easily recognizable by his distinctive musical style and signature sound. He now introduces himself as a songwriter and composer through his debut album “Fighting the Average”. A 9 track album with original music compositions and thought provoking songs, a unique project born out of the need for pure artistic expression.

  The album consists of some handcrafted NeoSoul/R&B flavored compositions combined with honest songwriting featuring a great roster of artists, singers/vocalists, and musicians. A meeting point of HipHop vibes and groove with some Jazzy harmonic content that immediately engages the listener.

        This record illustrates a journey from self disbelief to hope, from dark to light, from overcoming difficulties towards a path to completion and inner peace. Every person who will give a chance to “dive” into this project can easily relate to Chris’s music and form of expression, a fact that makes the album even more engaging.

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