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The Producer

   As a producer, Chris knows how to develop other artists' ideas from simple demos to complete, professional and up to the highest standards records.
    He is really selective on the artists he works with, because he aspires to the creation of unique sounding songs/albums filled with character. The attention to detail, creativity and a delicate musical and sonical taste, set him apart and give him his signature sound as a producer.    
   With almost two decades of experience he knows how to lead a session while maintaining the creative flow and energy in the studio, fact that makes artists to feel comfortable and enjoy their time. This is something that results in capturing people's greatest performances.
    Whether travelling around the world or working online, he is to be considered of producing either your next piece of music or your next album. Feel free to contact Chris to discuss your needs and artistic vision.

The Producer

The Musician

Distinctive playing 

Unique taste

Great sound


    Three elements that characterize his approach when it comes to guitar composision/arrangement, recording or live performance. 

   Whether it is for a single rhythmic part, or multiple guitar layers that both respect and enhance a song's arrangement, Chris is the right person to call.

     Having a strong background as an engineer, what you can expect when it comes to file delivery is a combination of great sounding, mix ready and perfectly organised guitar mulitracks tailored to suit your song, EP or album needs.

The Engineer

                    "Natural but bigger than life"

     A quote that Chris often uses to describe his approach and mentality when it comes to recording and shaping the sound. 
An accomplished recording and mixing engineer who can deliver records of premium quality, both sonically and aesthetically.
  A combination of technical knowledge and skills, musicality and strong artistic vision along with many years of experience that result in professional sounding mixes which serve one basic principle...

                              Emotional impact

  Chris can be hired either as a recording and/or mixing engineer.  The mixing process is taking place in his personal studio, using a top notch reference monitoring system. Mixing services can also be provided remotely by working online with artists based in different parts of the globe.


The Musical Director

     With the ability to lead a band through an example of creativity, knowledge and dedication, as an M.D he can craft musical arrangements and compositions to be performed for live audiences or recordings. 
    Artists with original material or show bands can take advantage of Chris's versatility to tailor-make their Show/Live Set based both on their vision and his taste.
   A great example to be considered is this video of "The GrandCollective", a 13 member Show Band meticulously arranged and produced to deliver a dynamic and fresh performance.

The M.D
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